Weight Loss May Hurt Relationship If Only One Partner Sheds Pounds

Lynsey Romo, an assistant professor of communication at NC State. Researchers recruited 21 couples from across the U.S., each of which had one partner who lost 30 or more pounds in less than two years. On average, most lost about 60 pounds during that time. All participants were given questionnaires asking about how the weight loss impacted their relationship. After weight loss, most couples said they were more communicative in a good way: The partner who lost the weight was more likely to talk about healthy living and inspire his or her partner to engage in or maintain one as well. When both partners were receptive to these healthy changes, they reported boosts in physical and emotional intimacy. But, some partners who lost weight resorted to nagging their significant other to follow their lead, which the researchers say caused tension. Others who hadn’t lost weight said they felt threatened and insecure by their partner who did lose the extra pounds — they tended to be the most resistant to change in their relationships, the researchers pointed out. Often they’d make critical comments towards their partner, lose interest in sex or try to sabotage them with unhealthy meals to prevent their relationship from changing. Romo says her study suggests communication plays an important role in a healthy relationship.

Substantial Weight Loss for Severely Obese Individuals After Bariatric Surgery

The authors write that variability in weight change “indicates a potential opportunity to improve patient selection and education prior to operation as well as enhance support for continued adherence to lifestyle adjustments in the postoperative years.” Three years after surgery, the percentages of participants experiencing at least partial diabetes remission were 67.5 percent for RYGB and 28.6 percent for LAGB. Dyslipidemia was in remission for 61.9 percent of RYGB participants and 27.1 percent of LAGB participants at 3 years.


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