Reducing Salt In Your Diet A Challenge: Here Are Some Tips

What many don’t know is that controlling that intake is a far more complicated task than just setting aside the salt shaker. If you eat processed foods everything from canned goods to bread to breakfast cereals you are ingesting far more salt than you think. Ditto if you dine out frequently. The little girl with the umbrella on the Morton’s salt canister is a cute kid, but she spends way too much time sowing sodium in the nation’s kitchens. “It’s very, very easy to exceed the amount of salt that constitutes a healthy level in your daily diet,” says Andrew Freeman, a doctor at National Jewish Health in Denver who is director of clinical cardiology at the facility.

Alkaline diet claims get sour response from doctors

But doctors and researchers say the promises are specious. CAPTIONS What’s an ‘alkaline diet’? “Eat the Alkaline Way,” by Vicki Edgson, says that meats, soda, wheat and other processed foods are acid-forming. Fruits, vegetables and grains, such as millet, are considered alkaline. The book claims that avoiding acid-forming foods will curb arthritis, obesity and cancer.


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