Flat Is The New Growth For The U.S. Weight Loss Market – For Now

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However, in this competitive economic environment, this is not all bad. If a diet company can maintain sales at last year’s level and still be profitable, with some cash cushion and plans to enter higher growth niche market segments, they are in a good position, in our opinion. Medifast seems to be well positioned, due to its MLM growth engine (Take Shape for Life division), which accounts for 65% of total sales. In addition, MED has 120 medical clinics, thus straddling both the commercial and medical weight loss segments. Added to that, they are moving into Mexico and Canada, thus providing geographic diversification. The company has no debt. The stock price, again, at current levels, doesn’t provide much upside. A possible entry point might be in the low 20s, with potential to get to the low 30s in 6-12 months. Nutrisystem, with a new CEO and new marketing managers, is pursuing such niche markets as seniors and male dieters, as well as the diabetic market, and devotes about 20-25% of sales to marketing.

Weight loss journal: Sifting through the options


I want to be healthy and eat real food, not a frozen dinner that wouldnt make a small child feel full. Is it possible to be a real person with a social life and get healthy? Well, Im about to find out. I made the decision to follow embark on this journey. I will be trying different workouts, different food, basically anything and everything that will help me get healthier but still let me be me!


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