‘Social Nutrition’ Diet may be Best Hangover Cure, Says Expert

Meal Programs Expand Summer Nutrition for Kids

Sissons said alcohol and caffeine caused dehydration, so on a day of drinking alcohol it was good to eat foods with a high water content, like fruit and vegetables. For example, tomatoes, broccoli and beetroot have high water content and antioxidants and other vitamins which can help the body prepare for the stresses alcohol places on the system.

Doctors Bring Woman Back from the Dead

Among other programs, the USDA is experimenting with debit cards that give kids up to $60 a month to buy food at grocery stores over the summer. Officials also are encouraging more churches, camps and community groups to start their own meal programs, with federal money paying for setup costs and food. “The challenge is across the United States, the time of year an American child is most likely to go hungry is the summertime,” said Concannon, of the USDA. The USDA also has worked to improve access by helping parents find summer food programs through a new text-messaging service and a toll-free number. The Federal Way School District believes its approach combining activities, technology and food is something that can become a model for wider use.


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