From nutrition to physician: Functional foods and underserved communities (Video)

Fort Worth Nutrition Examiner

in medical dietetics, which gives a student at least the chance to consider going on to medical school and becoming a family doctor trained in nutrition, perhaps using food as medicine more often than physicians trained mostly to write prescriptions. Some nutritionists prefer to practice medicine in the field of functional medicine using functional foods. See, What are functional foods? – .

Does Eating Green Include Green Beer? March 25, 2013 Again this year on St. Patricks Day, bars and pubs all over town broke out the green food coloring to liven up their libations in celebration. As a registered dietitian, people always assume that I will not… Let them Eat Steak! February 27, 2013 Celebrations, special occasions and entertaining often bring us to dine out.

Nutrition and mating times key

Nutrition and mating times key

The veterinarian, known for introducing African breeds into Australia including Samms, Damaras and Boer goats, is a member of the 100%+ Lambing Club. The More Sheep Initiative is a partnership between the Sheep Industry Leadership Council and the Department of Agriculture and Food WA to encourage producers to rebuild sheep numbers. Prime lamb producers like Dr Veitch have been recording lambing percentages around 120 per cent. With 500 stud Dorper ewes to manage, Dr Veitch also runs 1500 recipient ewes ranging from Dorper-cross, White Suffolk and White Suffolk-cross as well as Merinos as part of an embryo transfer program. “Every year my top 100 ewes produce 1000 lambs through embryo transfer and I back them up with Dorpers over the recipient ewes,” he said. Ewes that do not hold an embryo hold a cross-bred lamb for the meat market. To manage nutrition, Dr Veitch ensures ewes are mated on good pasture when they are naturally cycling and he does not use teasers. Lick feeders are used and standing oat crops are planted in winter and saved for mating in summer. Dr Veitch said he had noticed that the later mating was held, from January to March, the higher the lambing percentage. He said mating was also focused on a shorter period of four to six weeks with a higher number of rams. At mating, ewes are on a rising plain, in condition score 3 or 3.5.


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