Mayor’s Fitness Council recognizes 2013 Healthy Heroes

These Healthy Heroes represent the council in one of three categories: Individual Health, Peer Health, and Community Health. Our seven 2013 Healthy Heroes are listed below and our 4 youth winners are students representing Northside, North East, and San Antonio Independent School Districts: 1.

New Fitness Studio Strengthens Monarch Landing’s Culture of Wellness

New Fitness Studio Strengthens Monarch Landing’s Culture of Wellness

Call 630-548-0400 or visit Monarch Landing is a maintenance-free retirement community on a scenic 80-acre campus in Naperville, Illinois – named “one of America’s best places to live and retire” by Modern Maturity.

Forest Grove Health & Fitness: Ex-members likely won’t be reimbursed, but city may get new gym

Some Fitness Connection customers billed $2,900 fee

Fitness Connection

She had not redeemed any of the six sessions she paid for when the gym closed. Owner James Long said not everyone will be reimbursed for their memberships or classes because there is no money to reimburse them with. He has not filed for bankruptcy. According to the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office, Forest Grove Health and Fitness is owned by Mary Long and Bel, Inc. The Secretary of State’s office reports that James Long is the president of Bel, Inc. Nick Ellinos, who was contracted as a consultant to manage and market the fitness center, said he is unable to comment on the circumstances of the gym’s closing. He estimates the gym had about 400 members, most of whom paid month to month. About 30 percent took advantage of discounted annual memberships and paid up front. Former members say they are disappointed by the gym’s closure. “If they would have gotten the right combination of poeple in there, I think it could have been something,” Daily said.

Wednesday Some Fitness Connection customers billed $2,900 fee Raleigh, N.C. Some members of Fitness Connection in Raleigh say they discovered charges amounting to thousands of dollars to their credit and debit cards something the fitness company is blaming on a processing error. Josh Harwood, senior vice president of operations for Titan Fitness, the parent company of Fitness Connection, said Wednesday that Visa customers being charged an annual maintenance fee of $29.99, were inadvertently charged more than $2,900 by Vantiv, a third-party credit card vendor. Vantiv Vice President Ken Thorsen said that no cardholders were actually charged and that what customers saw on their online statements were authorization holds. Harwood said the overcharge was a nationwide issue affecting customers of many other companies as well. Titan’s chief executive officer, Jeff Skeen, however, said the issue affected about 2 percent of Fitness Connection customers, but he would not say how many that was. Any late or insufficient fund fees resulting from the error, Skeen said, will be covered.

Former Collierville fitness club employee pleads guilty to molesting young girls

Anthony Webster, 29, of Cordova also must register as a violent sex offender and will be on supervision for life under terms of the plea agreement. The areas safer with him behind bars, said the father of one of the victims after the hearing in Criminal Court. Now we can move forward as a family. Webster was charged with molesting three girls – ages 6, 8 and 9 – in June of 2011 at Life Time Fitness at 3470 Houston Levee in Collierville where he worked in the child care center. After the first girl complained to her parents that Anthony tickled her and then began touching her inappropriately , an investigation began that turned up more complaints and video surveillance footage that supported the complaints. State prosecutor Jennifer Nichols said Webster called a bishop with the Church of Latter Day Saints and confessed to molesting at least three girls, alluded to others and said he was addicted to adult and child pornography. She said the bishop notified authorities as he is required to do by law. Under the settlement, Webster pleaded guilty to four counts of aggravated sexual battery – two counts involved the same child – and was sentenced to eight years in prison on each count. Two of the sentences will be served concurrently and two will be served consecutively for a total of 16 years. The states original offer was 24 years, but the settlement was made with the approval of the families and also meant the children would not have to testify in a trial in open court, Nichols said. Defense attorney Lorna McClusky said there would have been a great deal of argument over what the bishop said had the case gone to trial.